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Item #: 4000
Title: 8 hour requirement (ยง97.259 c) for new HCSSA Administrators/Alternates (4000)
Provider: Care2Learn
Price: 199.00
Credit Hrs: 8.00
Level: 1 - Introductory


This Introductory Level course package meets the training requirements as outlined in Ch. 97.259 c of The Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) for Administrators and Alternate Administrators. This course package satisfies the 8 clock hours of training that must be obtained prior to designation as an Administrator/Alternate in the State of Texas.

This package includes the following courses:
  • HCSSA Licensing Rules - 4 hours
  • Background Investigations & Rights of the Elderly - 1 hour
  • Personnel Administration - 2 hours
  • Regulatory Compliance in Healthcare Marketing - 1 hour

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