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Title: Alzheimer's Disease & Related Disorders (ADRD) for Homecare workers (1201)
Provider: Care2Learn
Author: J. Christian, MA CCC-SLP
Author J. Christian, MA CCC-SLP
Jeanne Christian, MA, SLP-CCC

Jeanne Christian obtained her B.S. and M.A. from St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri. She possesses over twenty-five years of healthcare experience in both hospital and skilled nursing home settings, always with the adult population. In addition to her extensive experience (over 10 years) as a Speech Pathologist working with the geriatric population, she has performed the duties of an Operations Manger, Clinical Manager and in-house trainer. Her special expertise is in the areas of documentation, denials management and regulatory and accreditation management.

Jeanne's love of training and program development led her to become a cofounder of Care2Learn.com, a provider of online educational courses and currently serves on its advisory board. Ms. Christian's credentials include being a Certified Trainer of Alzheimer's and Related Disorders, accredited by the Florida Department of Elder Affairs- Nursing Home Alzheimer's Disease or Related Disorders Training Provider Certification number NH504. This special certification is only awarded to those individuals who demonstrate extensive clinical/practical experience in working with and developing programs for those individuals experiencing Alzheimer's Disease or other related disorders such as dementia, et. Al. She is also a former C.A.R.F. surveyor.
Price: 199.00
Credit Hrs: 2.00
Level: 1 - Introductory
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To prepare home healthcare workers for situations they will face when working with ADRD patients. This Introductory Level course reviews the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and presents strategies for care and management of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or related Disorders. This course corresponds to Federal Regulations: G117, G118.
Debi Damas, RN, approved training provider (AL 698) is available Wednesday from 12pm to 2 pm EST to answer questions at 877-200-0020 ext. 7825. You may also send your questions to ddamas@reliaslearning.com.
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Learning Objectives

  • Compare the factors that contribute to dementia and dementia driven behaviors
  • Describe how ADRD affects communication skills
  • Identify challenging behaviors associated with ADRD
  • Examine general strategies for promoting independence in the beginning, middle, and late stages of ADRD
  • Identify issues and concerns of family members and patients during the early, middle, and late stages of ADRD

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